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Frequently asked questions

What size of room do I need for a pool table?

As the standard United Kingdom manufactured snooker and pool cues are made to 57 inches in length, at least five feet of space is required between the cushion rails and the surrounding walls or furniture, for the table to be fully functional from a playing point of view.

There are very few recreational rooms however, that do not have some sort of obstacle that interferes with play and in these instances a shorter snooker / pool cue may be required to enable play around an obstacle, fireplace or intruding walll. Smaller cue options are available upon request.

As snooker, convertible billiard dining tables and English Pool tables are available in several sizes, we have prepared a chart that shows the recommended room size for the most popular sizes of pool tables.

Visit the following link for more information - Click Here Room and Pool table sizes

What should I look for in a pool table?

An English Pool table can be viewed as a piece of furniture, on which you can play a number of different games. You should look for the same things that you would look for in fine furniture whilst considering the impact upon the table operation and playability.

Fine furniture should be well built, aesthetically pleasing, consistent with room décor and should be built to last. The same can be said for your English Pool table.

Quality construction and build specification, precision ground Italian slate, 100% English pure wool napped cloth, quick release table top and cushions fitted with matching rubbers, solid hardwood legs and brand new top quality accessories should all be provided and sought after with the purchase of any newly manufactured pool table.

Is a veneer pool table as good as solid wood?

Veneered laminate finishes on English and American Pool tables are standard within the industry. It is important however, to know what material (wood) is used under the veneer with top quality MDF providing the residual strength required to support the table weight. In some cases it also worth noting that only veneered laminate finsihes can provide a specific grain pattern.

Solid hardwood tables are available and provide a different option for those that prefer solid wood items in their home. Prices would normally be higher recognising the costs to source the raw materials. The moisture content on solid hardwood tables is considerably higher than MDF built tables, which is counter balanced by a different manufacturing process and the lacquers / polishes applied to the table wood.

How heavy is a pool table?

A pool table weight will vary between manufacturer, style and thickness of slate. A good rule of thumb is to expect the table to weigh up to approximately 300 kilograms.

Visit the following link for more information - Click Here Room and Pool Table sizes

What happens when the pool table is delivered?

English Pool tables break down into their individual component parts and typically would arrive in up to 4 packages.
The pool table is assembled in the room where it is be installed.
The body and topframe of the table are delivered as an assembled item.
Depending upon the model,the legs may be contained within the body of the table or may be deliverd in 2 seperate packages.
The slate is covered with the cloth and then wrapped for transportation.
Approximately two hours should be allowed for the erection and levelling of your pool table.

What are the differences between 6 and 7 foot English Pool tables?

At Optima Pool there are currently two pool table sizes immediately available to purchase. Tables are available in six and seven foot sizes on the external measurement, with seven foot tables used in the English Pool leagues in pubs and clubs across the country. The six foot tables are great in rooms where a seven foot table will not fit, but due to the decreased size of the slate it is less challenging to play.

What maintenance is needed for an English Pool table?

With reasonable care, a pool table will last for many years. The slate is a natural mineral, mined from the Earth, is hugely heavy and dense and will last forever. Except for cosmetic bumps and scratches, there is little maintenance required to the table frame and table top in general. The cloth will need replacement every couple of years, dependant on how much it is used and how dirty and soiled it becomes. The rubber fitted to all cushions will deteriorate about every 10-15 years and will need to be replaced.

How hard is it to move a pool table?

Depending on the manufacture and style of the pool table, this can be difficult or may even damage the table, if attempted by the homeowner. To properly move a pool table, it should be disassembled, moved, assembled and re-levelled. If a pool table is moved without realignment, it will loose accurate playability and in some cases it may be damaged.

The pool table is designed to support its own weight and be stationary. Therefore only an experienced pool table technician should move and realign the table.

Why do some pool tables cost more than others?

Factors that impact upon the price of a table are build and construction quality, wood species used, lacquers, polishes, freeplay with internal ball return systems, coin operated mechanisms and electronic push button controls. In general, higher priced pool tables may have more carving or intricate details and have a greater degree of craftsmanship utilised in their constuction.

What makes slate playing surfaces better than other materials?

Slate is a natural stone, known for its strength and stability. It has become the primary material used for pool table playing surfaces because it reliably provides excellent playability for many years, with little or no maintenance.

It is unaffected by temperature and humidity like many of the other materials used on low quality pool tables, such as wood, particle board, and other synthetics.

What is the difference in cloth types?

Optima Pool use only AW Hainsworth pool cloth in the following types

Hainsworth Club - Good Performance Pool Cloth

  • Affordable Quality Cloth
  • Directional Nap Finish
  • Good Cue Ball Control & Speed
  • Satisfyingly Durable
  • Available in Four Stock Colours
  • 44" or 88" Widths

    Hainsworth Smart Interiors - Fast, Durable, Quality Cloth

    The Hainsworth Smart Interiors range now comes in 20 stunning colours, making it even easier to find the perfect pool cloth to match your colour scheme.

    • Tough Pool Cloth That Stays Smart & Lasts
    • Excellent Ball Response & Speed
    • Designed For Both Pool Players & Club Owners
    • Available in 77" Rolls & B&C Sets
    • Available in 20 Stock Colours
    • Officially Selected By Enterprise Inns as Their Preferred Choice of Pool Cloth

Hainsworth Elite-Pro- Smooth, Fast, Worsted Cloth

  • Quality American Pool Cloth
  • Smooth & Fast Playing Cloth
  • Ultra Long Lasting
  • Anti-Pill Finish
  • Special Fade Resistant Colours
  • 63" & 78" Widths
  • Available in Twenty Stock Colours