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Optima Pool - The Company

Optima Pool Limited -  Company Profile

Optima Pool Limited is located in the heart of Oldham in the North of England, close to the City of Manchester.  We pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality pool tables and we welcome you to visit our factory to see how our pool tables are manufactured using only the highest quality materials.
Our premises include pool table production and machining facilities, stores and dispatch areas, electronic and technical testing areas, company offices and loading bays.
  • Factory Size  - 20,000 square feet
  • Years of OEM Experience
Optima Pool are manufacturers of tournament championship quality English Pool tables. Combining over a century of experience and expertise with the knowledge and expertise of key operators and personnel, Optima Pool's tables are the very best pool tables in the industry.

Optima Pool are now without doubt one of the UK's premier manufacturers of pool tables. With pool tables available in different finishes, cloth colour, styles and designs, coupled with the supply of accessories and replacement parts for all tables, we provide the tables and spares to suit all your pool table requirements.

When only the Pool Tables best will do

We are experienced, professional pool table manufacturers, specialising in the delivery of a complete range of newly manufactured pool tables for businesses, organizations and private individuals. Bringing together quality materials, technical experience and computing technology, we provide a visible, durable and cost effective solution for all your pool table requirements.

Only 1st class materials are used in our manufacturing processes. High quality MDF board, faced with black, white, walnut, dark walnut, winchester oak, light oak, silver oak laminate finishes,hardwood timbers and Hainsworth 100% wool cloth fitted on all slates. All our pool tables are properly packaged using cardboard and heat plastic wrap.

 A wide range of prestigious pool table contracts, in a variety of sectors

From pool table governing bodies to professional pool table players, from large organisations through to private individuals, from public authorities to public houses, from youth groups to social and pool table clubs, we are entrusted by all to provide a professional pool table manufacturing service.

Delivery is the key

Working to your timetable at all stages, providing consistent, reliable delivery.

Pulling out all the stops

The nature of any industry is such, that not everything always goes to plan. Our company is under the personal management of the owners, when you need it, we are flexible and you can count on us to ensure this never happens.

Please give us the opportunity to discuss our services and explain how we can be of benefit to you. Telephone, email or fax us for further information, testimonials or to discuss a specific pool table project.

Our Commitment to Quality Pool Tables 

Optima Pool has paid meticulous attention to quality from the very beginning. Our policy of investing in the finest equipment and people assures you, our customer,that our pool tables and products are of exceptional quality and standard.

In-house Quality Control

Each pool table product unit we manufacture is inspected at all stages of production to ensure that it meets both our internal standards, and those of the industry worldwide.

Code of Conduct

Optima Pool adheres to a strict code of conduct to ensure that the company operates ethically and responsibly in terms of its staff, the environment and its customers.

State-of-the-Art Pool Table manufacturing processes

Optima Pool has the latest in Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) woodworking equipment, operated by skilled craftsman with many years experience in the manufacture of pool tables.

We will welcome the opportunity to provide you with a quote for your pool table requirements - you will not be disappointed.